Thanks for submitting your application to join our Class of 2020. You rock! We can't wait to review your materials and to get to know you.

Here are a few key details you need to know. We suggest you bookmark this page.

First and foremost, you still need to send us the materials you have gathered and created. Momentarily, you should receive an automatically-generated email response from us. That message will contained a personalized URL just for you. Click on that link, and it will bring you to a webpage with simple instructions for uploading the five files you owe us — your résumé or CV, your transcript, and your three original works.

Don’t forget: each of those files needs to be smaller than 250MB. If you try to submit something larger than that, we won’t get it!

If you didn’t receive the email, please check your spam filters. And if you still didn’t get the email, please send us a note at

Just as importantly, make sure that those three letters of recommendation you requested are headed our way. These references are extremely important to our application review, and no application is complete without them! And don’t forget — we request some specific types of letters of recommendation — so these probably aren’t just cut-and-pastes of other letters you’ve requested in the past. They may take a while for people to write, so we suggest you ask early and remind often. As a reminder, you can find all the instructions about what they should contain and how they can be submitted here.

Once we’ve gotten all of those files—the transcript and the CV or resume, the three original works, and the three letters of recommendation, your application will be complete. YAS!

Once that’s done, we’d like to ask you to please take our optional, completely anonymous demographics survey. You are under no obligation to do so, and doing so will have absolutely no impact on your likelihood of being selected. But, if you choose to spend < 5 minutes and complete this survey, you will help us evaluate our Class of 2020 selection process to identify any biases we need to eliminate for our Class of 2021. If you are selected as a semi-finalist, a finalist, or a Fellow through our program, you’ll note we ask you to take the same survey at every step of the process, so that we can compare data and, if needed, find out where there are systemic trends.

Now, here’s a glimpse into what happens next at Brookie HQ.

Each and every complete application received prior to the deadline will be thoroughly reviewed by multiple members of our Selection Committee—which is consists of our Founders, several of our Mentors, several of our Alumnae, and a few other awesome aerospace stars. All applicants are assessed based on their talent, their experience to date, their passion for service, their creativity, their work ethic—and all of the other character strengths we so admired in our namesake, Brooke Owens. In past years, we’ve been able to ensure that every application is reviewed in full by at least one person who knew and worked with Brooke; and barring an outrageously larger-than-expected increase in applicants this year, we shall do the same for your application and every other we receive this year.

Once those reviews are completed, our assessments are normalized across our various Selection Committee members, and our most highly qualified candidates will be selected as Semi-Finalists. The exact number of Semi-Finalists is still to be determined, but is likely to be around 100.

Every Semi-Finalist will conduct a telephone interview with a member of our Selection Committee. These phone interviews typically last 30 - 45 minutes, and can be conducted via Skype, FaceTime, or other similar services when needed. To control for unconscious bias, our interviews primarily draw from a common pool of custom-written questions, though we also allow time for the conversation to flow towards topics of special interest and relevance to each candidate. For our Class of 2020, these phone interviews will be conducted in early- to mid- November 2019.

When all telephone interviews are completed, assessments are again normalized across different members, and a core group of our Selection Commitee—including our three founders and a small handful of others—select our Finalists. Finalists are deemed to have ‘the right stuff’ to be a Brookie, but also to be a good match one or more of our Host Institutions. Our unique matching process will incorporate each applicant’s input on Host preference and desired characteristics of a successful summer—but also incorporate similar input from our Host Institutions as well as our Selection Committee’s expert knowledge. Each finalist will be paired with between one and four potential Hosts, and every Host will be paired with multiple Finalists. If you’d like to know more about how our matching works, there are several relevant sections to be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Finalists will selected and notified of their match or matches in early December 2019. The exact number of Finalists is still to be determined, but is likely to be fewer than 70—notably more than the number of Fellows ultimately selected, but not overwhelmingly so.

In early- to mid-December, Hosts will conduct telephone interviews with Finalists. Each Host Institution has its own interview process—some will require one interview, some multiple interviews, and some may desire a work sample. If applicants have extraordinary requirements for salary or scheduling, these should be discussed with prospective Hosts during the interview process. Please note that not every Finalist will be contacted by every Host they have been matched with, although most of our Hosts choose to interview every Finalist.

By late December, each Host is asked to submit feedback and rankings for each Finalist they have been matched with; and similarly, each Finalist will submit feedback and rankings for each of their matched Hosts.

In the late December, our Selection Committee will make our final selections for the Class of 2020. Using all of the feedback and rankings provided by Finalists and Hosts, as well as our own insight, we will make final matches between members of the Class of 2020 and their Host Institutions. Applicants selected as members of the Class of 2020 will receive the good news on or around December 21, 2019.

In early January, Fellows will complete any required paperwork with their Host company, finalizing the terms of their employment. From there, the adventure truly begins!

Whew, that was a lot of info. Remember when we suggested you bookmark this page? Yeah, now you know why.

Applying for this program is a lot of work. We are so thrilled that you took the time to put yourself forward, and we wanted you to know that we’re putting in the work, too. Thanks — and we truly look forward to reading your application!