• Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2018
  • MIT, Aerospace Engineering, '20
  • Host Institution: SpaceX
  • Mentor: Danielle Wood

Maddie is a current student at MIT studying Aerospace Engineering. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, She became interested in space when she heard about the New Horizons spacecraft on NPR during her junior year of high school. This small moment inspired her to learn more about space exploration efforts, and eventually led her to aerospace engineering. Maddie has also been interested in medicine for a long time, and has found an overarching interest in the field of bioastronautics. She hopes to become a flight surgeon, and eventually an astronaut!

At MIT, Maddie is involved with Rocket Team, MAES (Latinos in Engineering and Science), and Sigma Kappa sorority. She is the Payload Team lead for rocket team, and is currently working on developing an attitude control system for the HERMES rocket mission package. In addition to this, she is the treasurer for MAES and has served as a philanthropy event chair for Sigma Kappa. She has also worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab as a Mars 2020 Rover system testbed intern.

As a 2018 Brooke Owens Fellow, she will work at SpaceX on the Crew Dragon as a part of the Human Factors Engineering team.