• Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2018
  • Yale University,  Electrical Engineering, ‘19
  • Host Institution: HawkEye 360
  • Mentor: Debra Facktor

Alexandra Gartner is studying Electrical Engineering at Yale University. For as long as she can remember, Alex has dreamed of traveling amongst the stars. Her most prized possession is her telescope, which served as her trusty companion on many a cold winter’s night spent in her backyard as a kid exploring the cosmos and delighting in every nebula, galaxy, and cluster she identified. By the time she graduated from high school, Alex had already interned at NASA's Langley Research Center as a Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholar, where she worked alongside NASA engineers and scientists to help design a human mission to Mars. It was here that Alex's passion was given direction and she became dedicated to getting humans, hopefully even herself, to Mars.

Outside of classes, Alex is a member of the Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association, where she helped design and construct Yale’s first CubeSat and where she is currently working on the Radio-Controlled Solar Plane. Alex is a member of Yale’s Society of Women Engineers and also works as a STEM recruiter to bring the next class of science and engineering students to Yale. Alex is a recipient of the inaugural Patti Grace Smith Scholarship from the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, for which she was recognized at the 21st Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference in Washington, DC. 

Alex believes science is informed by the arts and derives great satisfaction indulging her creative side. At Yale, Alex enjoys singing as a member of Something Extra, Yale’s premier all-women's a cappella group, and has performed at Carnegie Hall and in cities across the United States and Europe. In her free time, Alex expresses her love for science by applying what she has learned to writing science fiction stories. 

As a Brooke Owens Fellow, Alex will work at HawkEye 360.