Thanks for applying!

Our 2018 application window is over. For those of you who want to get any early jump on our 2019 window (what what!), here's how things worked:

This year, we debuted a new online application process. Here's the description we posted, exactly as we posted it--present tense and all!

Once all of your essays and other materials are prepared, you can use the link at the bottom of this page to submit your materials--having already done all the hard work, the actual submission process should just take you a few minutes.

Before you start the submission process, there are several things you should have already done.

Things to Create

Transcripts and resumes are useful sources of information--but we find it more useful to learn about our candidates by asking them to create. Accordingly, as part of our application, we require you create a minimum of two original works: a relatively traditional written essay, plus something that we've named the 'multimedia essay.'

Below, you'll find nine essay prompts. Please respond to one of the prompts below in the form of a written essay of fewer than 1,000 words. Additionally, please respond to another one or two of the prompts below in a different format. Your multimedia response can come in any of a variety of forms—feel free to choose the media that best reflects you, your interests, and your talents. Past Fellows have submitted poems, animations, written works of fiction, spoken word pieces, songs, graphic designs, comic books, and video monologues. We would, of course, love to be surprised. Please make sure whatever you send us is in a format that our selection committee members will be able to access without needing special software. 

All responses should be original works, created by you specifically for this program. Though you are welcome to excerpt your own work from past homework assignments or similar, please ensure you have crafted a response that specifically addresses one of the prompts below.

Feel free to mix and match media types. For example, you could submit one written essay, one video, and one audio file. 

  1. GPAs and college transcripts don’t paint a complete picture of a person. What else do we need to know about you?
  2. What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever screwed up? What did you learn from it?
  3. If a younger sibling or a family friend asked you if she should pursue a career in aerospace, what would you tell her?
  4. What projects have you started on your own? Why did you start them, and what did you learn?
  5. Not everyone loves aviation or space exploration as much as we do. What do you do when confronted by a person—perhaps a family member or a childhood friend—who doesn’t get why you are so excited about aerospace?
  6. In what specific way(s) do you want your work in the aerospace community to make life better for others?
  7. If you received a grant for one million dollars to be used on any aerospace project with no strings attached, how would you use it?
  8. What is a significant sacrifice you’ve made to help a family member, classmate, or colleague?
  9. When you find yourself struggling with a project, what do you tend to do?

Things to Decide

One unique aspect of the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program is the way we match Fellows to jobs. You are probably used to applying to specific openings at specific companies or organizations, but that's not how we work. Instead, we gather an enormous volume of data from both hosts and applicants and then use that to suggest specific pairings.

To do this, we'll need several inputs from you to help us understand what would make the most successful summer possible. On the application form, you'll notice that we ask you to rank a bunch of different job attributes—for example, do you care more about a company's culture or its mission? Are you looking for a specific set of experiences, or to be exposed to new things?

We will also indicate which of our host institutions appeal to you the most. Please keep in mind that you will be considered for matches will all of our hosts, not just the ones you indicate—and indeed, some of our greatest success stories have come from Fellows paired with companies they had never even heard of prior to applying. 

Here's our current list of positions. Keep in mind that these details may be updated over time! 

Host Institution Likely Location Citizenship Restrictions   Aviation or Space?   Likely Project Type
Aerospace Corporation El Segundo, CA US Persons Only SpaceEngineering
Air Line Pilots Association Herndon, VA US Persons Only Aviation Engineering or Policy
Airbus Americas Herndon, VA US Persons Preferred Both Business, Engineering, or Policy
Altius Space Machines Broomfield, CO US Persons Only Space Business or Engineering
Amazon Prime Air Seattle, WA - Aviation Engineering
Avascent Washington, DC US Persons Only Space Business or Engineering
Ball Aerospace Boulder, CO or Washington, DC   US Persons Only Space Business
Blue Origin Kent, WA US Persons Only Space Engineering
Bryce Space and Technology Alexandria, VA US Persons Only Either Business or Engineering
Commercial Spaceflight Federation    Washington, DC US Persons Only Space Policy
Digital Globe Herndon, VA US Persons Only Space Engineering
Generation Orbit Atlanta, GA US Persons Only Either Business or Engineering
HawkEye 360 Herndon, VA US Persons Only Space Engineering
Jet Blue Technology Ventures San Carlos, CA Aviation Business
Made in Space Moffett Field, CA US Persons Only Space Engineering
The Moak Group Washington, DC US Persons Only Either Communications
Mojave Air and Space Port Mojave, CA US Persons Only Either Business or Policy
Museum of Flight Seattle, WA - Either Business or Education
Orbital ATK Dulles, VA US Persons Only Space Engineering
Planet San Francisco, CA - Space Engineering
Planetary Resources Redmond, WA US Persons Only Space Business or Engineering
Scaled Composites Mojave, CA US Citizens Only Aviation Engineering
Sierra Nevada Corporation Louisville, CO US Persons Only Space Business or Engineering
Space Angels New York, NY - Space Business
SpaceX Hawthorne, CA US Persons Only Space Engineering
SSL Palo Alto, CA US Persons Only Space Engineering
Stratolaunch Seattle, WA US Persons Only Either Engineering
The Spaceship Company Mojave, CA US Persons Only Either Business or Engineering
Ventions SF Bay Area, CA US Persons Only Either Engineering
Virgin Galactic Las Cruces, NM or Mojave, CA US Persons Only Either Business or Engineering
Virgin Orbit Long Beach, CA US Persons Only Either Business or Engineering
Vulcan Seattle, WA Either Business or Engineering
XPRIZE Foundation Culver City, CA - Either Business

ThingS to Gather

When you submit your application using the form below, it will ask you to attach a copy of your resume and a current transcript from your college or university. 

Additionally, have two to four letters of recommendation sent to At least one of these letters must be from a faculty member at your college or university.

Please encourage your letter of recommendation authors to address some or all of the following questions: How is your coursework or work experience to date related to the aerospace industry? What is the likelihood that you will pursue a full-time career in aviation or space exploration? How would becoming a Brooke Owens Fellow benefit you? What characteristics make you well suited for the Brooke Owens Fellowship program? What value would you bring to the Fellowship program and to your classmates?

Additionally, we would appreciate it if the authors of your letters could submit the letters as PDFs, with the following filename convention: 2018BOFP_CandidateLastname_RecommenderLastname

All of the above must be received by the application deadline of 5 December 2017.

Ready? You've got this, girl!