• Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2018
  • The Ohio State University, Science Communication and Accessibility, '18
  • Host Institution: The Aerospace Corporation
  • Mentor: Anousheh Ansari

Anna Voelker is a NASA Space Weather Forecaster and science educator specializing in astronomy accessibility for people with disabilities. She uses 3D printing and theatre games to make science more inclusive for children who are blind or on the autism spectrum. She has worked in astronomy outreach through a variety of institutions, including the Allegheny Observatory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Space Telescope Science Institute, and COSI (Center of Science and Industry).

Anna is a senior at The Ohio State University, where she is minoring in Astronomy and Astrophysics and majoring in a self-designed program entitled Science Communication and Accessibility. She was recently awarded The Ohio State University President's Prize, the highest honor that the University bestows upon students committed to social change. This $100,000 award will be used to implement a yearlong project, AstroAccess, that is dedicated to enhancing science accessibility for people with disabilities. Anna will begin this work in September of 2019 at South African Astronomical Observatory, where she is partnering with the International Astronomical Union's Office of Astronomy for Development. She will then organize SciAccess, a first of its kind Science Accessibility Conference that will be hosted by Ohio State in April of 2019. 

As a Brooke Owens Fellow, she will be working at The Aerospace Corporation within the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Division.