Bridget McDonough

  • Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2019

  • Syracuse University, Aerospace Engineering, '19

  • Host Institution: Space Angels

  • Mentor: Carissa Christensen

Bridget McDonough, a Southern California native, is a senior at Syracuse University majoring in Aerospace Engineering. The idea of space exploration captivated her every time she stared into the night sky, her amazement at the immensity of the universe ignited her imagination for the future of humanity--well that and the far-too-many sci-fi movies that she watched. She had always secretly imagined herself as an astronaut or a SR-71 Blackbird pilot, yet for many years, she never believed those goals were attainable to her. Until one day, she just did, which created a snowball effect where she gained the courage to pursue a major where the only thing she knew about it was that it would lead her into the aerospace industry.

Bridget is very passionate about women's right and their representation in STEM fields. She worked for Literacy Corps her freshman year where she had the opportunity to teach math to minority middle school girls. She was president of SU's chapter of Society of Women Engineers during her sophomore year and has continued to be involved with the chapter throughout her years at SU. Her junior year, she independently co-direct and co-produced a short documentary about women's experience in STEM which was released on International Women's Day. During her senior year, she hopes to film another short documentary highlighting a current global issue.

Bridget is determined to expand accessibility in space and not just to different socio-economic classes, genders, ethnicities, etc--but also to different degree backgrounds and intelligence types. She is committed to making space a place for everybody and is excited to be working during a time where the foundations of the space industry is currently being developed. She is determined to get her pilots license as soon as possible and aspires to be launched into the cosmos one day, where she'll continue to "boldly go where no man has gone before."

As a Brooke Owens fellow, she will be interning with Space Angels.