• Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2018
  • Binghamton University, Mechanical Engineering, ‘19
  • Host Institution: Airbus
  • Mentor: Charity Weeden

Chloe Long is a rising senior at Binghamton University. She studies mechanical engineering with a minor in sustainability, and she is passionate about the design and development of sustainable aerospace technology. 

As a rising sophomore, Chloe completed a research internship at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, in which she built, flew, and collected flight data for high power rockets. As a junior, she founded the BING SPACE community at her university and is currently president. She is an undergraduate research assistant, and  is currently learning about the processes behind ink jet printing and fluorescent crystallization of organic chemicals. She is also an undergraduate teaching assistant, and a student representative on both the Mechanical Engineering Student Advisory Council and the Engineering Design Division Student Advisory Committee. She is committed to improving upon the educational experience of herself, her peers, and future students. 

Aside from pursuing her aerospace dreams, Chloe is also an aspiring performer and poet. She writes and performs her own pieces and songs at various university events. She wants to use her voice to make a difference and inspire the future generations of students to always reach for the stars.

As a Brooke Owens Fellow, Chloe worked as a strategy intern at Airbus, conducting research and delivering reports and presentations on several kinds of uncrewed air systems.