Christine Reilly.jpg


  • Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2017
  • University of Colorado Boulder, Aerospace Engineering, '18
  • Host Institution: Virgin Orbit
  • Mentor: Serina Diniega

Christine Reilly is an Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Though she loved space and science fiction as a child, Chirstine traces her passion for working in the aerospace industry to her enrollment in the NASA WISH (Women In STEM High school) Aerospace Scholars program. Inventing concepts for interplanetary spacecraft and moon bases, Christine saw that by becoming an aerospace engineer, she could help the future that science fiction promised become a reality for the kids of tomorrow.

As a student, Christine been an active participant and a leader in the CU Boulder jazz ensemble, intramural badminton, Women in Aerospace Engineering, archery, Alternative Spring Breaks volunteer organization,, Colorado Space Grant Consortium, COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (a 100 hour math competition), and the Engineering Honors Program. She has worked as in the Autonomous Vehicle Systems Lab, as well as completing an internship at the The Aerospace Corporation.

As a Brooke Owens Fellow, Christine worked at Virgin Orbit, as part of the  Propulsion Engineering team, working on the liquid rocket engines NewtonThree and NetwonFour. She made a graphical user interface for the engine balance, designed and assembled articles for component testing, and modeled development hardware in CAD software. 

Christine is currently int he final year of her concurrent Bachelors/Masters program, and will work at Blue Origin this summer.