• Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2018
  • Johns Hopkins University, Mechanical Engineering, ‘18
  • Host Institution: The Spaceship Company

Courtney Schmitt is a Mechanical Engineering student at Johns Hopkins University. Possessing a strong interest in space and driven by her curiosity to explore beyond our world, Courtney always knew that a career in the aerospace industry was her calling. 

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins, Courtney focused her studies on Aerospace. She participated in a variety of research including working with a cosmologist to map the locations of black holes in the universe, and working in a computational fluids lab, applying bio-inspired solutions to flight. The summer after her junior year, she had an internship at a start-up company manufacturing autonomous underwater vehicles. For her senior capstone project, Courtney worked on a team to design an enclosure for a high-precision optics table. The design will assist NASA funded researchers at the Space Telescope Science Institute search for life on habitable extrasolar planets around other stars.

Courtney has volunteered her time as a teacher for the Community School of Baltimore, helping to plan and teach STEM labs to high school students. She also was involved in the Bystander Intervention Training program at Hopkins, educating the community about gender violence. 

As a Brooke Owens Fellow, Courtney will be working for Virgin Galactic this summer. She will be graduating in May this year, and is staying at Hopkins to complete her Master's degree in Robotics.