Jasmine Smith.jpg


  • Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2017

  • Tuskegee University, Mechanical Engineering, ‘20

  • Host Institution: Mojave Air and Space Port

  • Mentor: Stephanie Luongo

Jasmine Q. Smith is a Mechanical Engineering major at Tuskegee University. Her dream is to be either a pilot or flight test engineer in the Air Force and then go on to be an astronaut.

In college, Jasmine is an Air Force ROTC cadet and also the founder of Tuskegee's chapter of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.

Jasmine was the only first-year undergrad accepted in the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program's inaugural class. As a Brooke Owens Fellow, she worked at the Mojave Air and Space Port. Her main project involved working with one of the Mojave Air and Space Port's tenants, the National Test Pilot School, to organize and host a week-long flight test camp for local high school students.

Jasmine is currently continuing her education at Tuskegee and has been awarded a full flight training scholarship from the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation, a foundation whose mission is to increase the amount of African American Aviators in the military and industry. So alongside studying for school, she will be working towards receiving her Private Pilots License. She aims to have it by the end of 2019.

During the summer of 2018, Jasmine continued getting exposure and experience in the space industry by interning at NASA's JPL in the Geophysics Department. Her main task involved working on a Vane Shear project for the Mars 2020 mission. She also finished an internship with the Aerospace Corporation the summer of 2019 where she worked in the Office of Product Management in the xLab division where she helped track multiple projects from their beginning to their end phase.