Julia Di.jpg


  • Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2018

  • Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. '24 

  • Columbia University, Electrical Engineering, '19

  • Host Institution: Generation Orbit

  • Mentor: Chris Stott

Julia Di is interested in relationship between art, technology, and robotics. As a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow at Stanford University, she is pursuing graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering to improve space robotics. She is also a 2019 DFJ Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellow at Stanford, and is working on developing a consistent art practice to explore the impact of technological breakthroughs on culture and identity.

Julia graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science from Columbia University in 2018. She first became interested in space after reading a picture book in second grade about the history of human spaceflight. For most of her life she loved art and design, and later came to understand engineering as another art form. Then much later, she realized that she could have an engineering career in the aerospace industry.

As a student at Columbia, she co-founded the Columbia Space Initiative (CSI) in fall 2015. Now, as one of Columbia's most popular engineering organizations, CSI has entered and won multiple NASA design challenges, presented all around NYC, and taught K-12 students about aerospace engineering. She is also President of Women in Computer Science (WiCS) and a Super User in the Columbia MakerSpace. She previously has interned at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, and Carleton Laboratory. As a Brooke Owens Fellow, Julia worked at Generation Orbit as an Avionics Intern.