• Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2017

  • Metropolitan State University of Denver, Aviation & Aerospace Science, ‘18

  • Host Institution: Air Line Pilots Association

  • Mentor: Rebecca Spyke Keiser

Rachael McKee serves as a Business Development Analyst for Human Space Exploration within Lockheed Martin’s Commercial Civil Space Line of Business. In this role, Rachael supports leadership by advising on strategy and business development activities within the human spaceflight market. She contributes to developing and growing business in cis-lunar space including human landers, secondary payload services, cis-lunar infrastructure like communications power, data storage and processing, as well as developing strategy to enable a water-based economy within space.

Previously Rachael worked at the Airline Pilots Association under the prestigious Brooke Owens Fellowship where she supported federal advisory board meetings and developed a keen sense for economic analyses. After this experience, she worked at Bryce Space and Technology as their first Business Development Intern where her keen sense for analyses played an important role in updating their Start-up Space Report in 2017 as well as developing strategic business analysis for the company. While interning for the Airline Pilots Association and Bryce Space and Technology, she was serving as the At-Large Board Member for the Students for Exploration and Development of Space where she represented over 80 chapters across the country.

Rachael holds a bachelor’s degree in Aviation and Aerospace Science with a Concentration in Operations from Metropolitan State University of Denver.