Sasha Warren.jpg


  • Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2017
  • Durham University (UK), Geoscience, 2018
  • Host Institution: XPRIZE Foundation
  • Mentor: Chris Stott

Sasha Warren is a Geoscience major at Durham University in the UK. She traces her love of science and the natural world to her childhood trips to the the Natural History Museum in London with her mum. As she began studying geology at university, she very rapidly realized  that the greatest challenges within the geological sciences are no longer on our own planet, but out in our Solar System and beyond.

As a student, Sasha has been active in the Art Society and the Astronomical Society, has served as the Course Representative for Earth Sciences, and has run "Inspiring Girls in STEM" events and helped led the "Celebrate Science" Fair. She has also completed the NaNoWriMo writing challenge four times.

As a Brooke Owens Fellow, Sasha work at the XPRIZE Foundation, where she developed the Impact Report for the Google Lunar XPRIZE. This report assessed the impact the international competition had the NewSpace industry, and on public engagement with space exploration and STEM since it began in 2007.

Sasha is currently completing my last year at university and have received offers from the University of Chicago and Harvard to join their PhD Planetary Sciences programs.