Stephanie Luongo

Stephanie Luongo is currently the Director of Mission Operations and Chief Flight Test Engineer at World View Enterprises, where she is directly responsible for the planning and execution of World View's ground and stratospheric flight operations. She holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno, a Master of Science degree and Flight Test Engineer professional certificate from the National Test Pilot School, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Stephanie began her career at Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) as a Systems Engineer working on autoland systems for unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous carrier landing systems. After transferring to the Space Systems division of SNC to be part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, Stephanie played a critical role in the Dream Chaser Avionics, Flight Software, and Communications subsystems test and integration effort and served as a Flight Controller during vehicle ground and flight testing, including the first full-scale atmospheric flight test of the Dream Chaser.

Stephanie is a single- and multi-engine pilot with Instrument and Glider ratings, holds FAA Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor certificates and provides flight and ground training in Tucson, AZ.