• Brooke Owens Fellow, Class of 2017

  • University of South Carolina, BSE Mechanical Engineering, ‘18

  • Host Institution: Ball Aerospace

  • Mentor: Celinda Marsh

Taylor Zedosky graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BSE in
Mechanical Engineering. She traces her love of aerospace back to when her
family moved from the DC area to a small town in Pennsylvania and the night
skies truly opened up. 

As a Brooke Owens Fellow, Taylor worked at Ball Aerospace, contributing to a
wind-doppler LIDAR system to measure wind speeds and patterns to better
predict weather, such as hurricanes. She designed multiple mounts for various
parts of the system, created a fluid coolant loop to temperature control the
lasers, and developed a system for a live stream camera.

Currently, Taylor is working full time at Ball Aerospace as a mechanical
engineer. She designs mechanisms for several spacecraft, ranging from
telescopes to satellites.  She also serves as a big sister, and mentors female
engineering students from CU Boulder.

As a student, Taylor was the President of Society of Women Engineers for the
two years. She was also a research assistant at the McNair Aerospace Center,
where she helped design a UAS that launched out of a bomb tube for the
Office of the Navy.